Completing my Bucket List

Why “reach my goal weight” is getting removed from my list…

Our engagement photo in Orlando in 2013 was the first time I had noticed how much weight I had gained over the last few years.  My eating habits were awful.  I lived off takeaways, oven food, crisps, sweets and had 2 teaspoons of sugar in every cup of tea I had.

With our wedding coming up I figured this was the perfect time to sort my lifestyle out.  Instead of relying on fad or crash diets I decided to make sustainable life changes.  I started off with cutting the sugar out of my tea, cooking home made meals, preparing lunch the day before, making home made “takeaways” (which usually turned out nicer than actual takeaways) and by being a little more active.

I went from a UK size 16 to a size 10/12 within 9 months and never felt deprived of any food I enjoyed.  I felt amazing on my wedding day but in my head I still wasn’t at my “goal weight”.


With the women we see in magazines with their flat stomachs, no cellulite, perfect hair etc, its understandable why women have ideals of how they “should” look.

It’s been 7 months since we got married and I’ve not lost anymore weight.  I’m currently 14 lbs away from what I said was my goal weight.  But today I realised the numbers on the scales don’t matter anymore!

This is the most recent picture of me.

This is the most recent picture of me. “Old Laura” would have thought she was fat.

I’ve been putting off wearing a bikini for my whole life because I was never happy with my body but even if I had reached that extra 14lb loss I’d have found another reason to not wear one.  So screw it!  I’m away in 13 days and the bikini is packed.  I don’t have a flat stomach, I have cellulite and I don’t even care anymore.

I thought reaching my goal weight would make me happy, but I’m finally happy as I am.  It’s taken nearly 27 years to get here but this year I will wear that bikini.  If other people dislike what they see then that’s their problem not mine.

My lifestyle is now healthier, I enjoy my meals and nothing is banned from my “diet”.  I’ll never have abs and I accept that.

Realising this also crossed off “get a bikini body’ from my list as I’ve already got one.  Everyone does.

How do you get a bikini body?  Put a bikini on your body and stop giving a shit what everyone else thinks.


Love Laura


2 thoughts on “Why “reach my goal weight” is getting removed from my list…

  1. herheadache

    That really is great, that you have arrived at that conclusion. I am glad to hear someone say it.
    However, as good as that sounds I don’t think I can do it.
    I have had cellulite since I was put on heavy meds as a teenager and I have scars from previous surgeries. I am definitely not at the weight I would like. Most days I am okay about my body, but I don’t think a two-piece is in my future.
    I wish I could.
    You are braver than I am.

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