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So sharks are one of my biggest fears and the only way to deal with fears is to face them!
We booked the shark experience at Xcaret park, Mexico.


It was nurse sharks we were swimming with and as they were only teenage sharks the biggest one (in this picture) was just six foot long.


The instructor made it very clear not to touch the sharks in front of their eyes as they would bite, and he demonstrated this by showing us the shark eating a fish.

The top of them feels like sand paper and their belly felt really smooth.  We then had fifteen minutes to snorkel with them.  It was a bit scary at first but I relaxed eventually.  As we were in such a large group unfortunately they didn’t manage to get photos of everyone under the water with a shark but here’s my husband.


Great experience but I won’t be swimming with any bigger sharks in the future!!


2/3 fears faced now. Spiders next!!


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