Completing my Bucket List

Face your fears

“Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”

So my three main fears were: Tarantulas, Sharks and Performing in public.  And I’ve faced all three within the last year.

My fear of sharks was so bad I was afraid to even go in the sea,  and after facing this one I  went swimming with sea turtles and will now manage to go scuba diving in the future.  High fiving a great white shark isn’t something I’ll be doing though!

Next, due to low confidence performing in public is something I’d never thought I’d manage.  But after being offered an acting part in a zombie event I had an amazing three nights performing in front of 200 people a night, then went onto scaring people in a halloween horror night.  I’ll also jump at the opportunity to take part in these again.

And finally, today.. holding a tarantula.  Easy!

What I’ve learned from facing my three fears is that its just the build up to them that worries me.  Once i’m in the experience, the fear is gone.

I’d recommend you check out this amazing woman who is facing her fears over 100 days.

100 days without fear 

What are you fears? have you faced them? If not will you?


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