Completing my Bucket List

Go to a chilli festival

So you may, or may not notice by now that I am a massive “Chilli head”.  As far as I’m aware there is only one chilli festival in Scotland yearly, and unfortunately Its always the same day we head off for our September vacation.

I looked into the nearest Chilli festival this year and came across The Lakes Chilli Fest in the north of England, 260 miles away.  So booked a last minute B&B, left at 6am and headed to the Lake District.  Five hours later, 3 driver swaps and coffee breaks we finally arrived at Dalemain Estate.


First stop was for some chilli cupcakes and chocolate coated chillis!11222112_1632835086928533_3388658800434076149_n11752518_1632835050261870_7072794278024177800_n

Then onto some chilli cheese


An awesome chilli chopping board made from a gin bottle


Then the spices and hot sauces! May have gotten a bit carried away.


After our shopping we stopped for some lunch and churros.

11041299_1632834936928548_7509040376412542642_n 11694934_1632834950261880_5700351167561471164_n

So with full bellies, and empty pockets we left our first (not last) chilli festival.


A few more bottles added to the collection


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