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Are you a tourist or a traveler? – Who cares?!

What I keep coming across lately is  “are you a tourist or a traveler?“.


The word “tourist” seems to be an insult nowadays.  Like by not travelling the world 365 days and living off a budget of $5 per day you are travelling wrong.

I’d class myself as both if it came down to it.  I’m not going to head to Paris without visiting the Eiffel tower just because its “touristy”, but I’d still try the food, speak to the locals and have an amazing time.

I mean, what actually is the difference between a tourist and a traveler?  According to my internet search here are some examples.

Tourists sleep in beds, travelers sleep in tents?10518600_502456756575612_2906491286054603580_o-1170x616

Travelers take naps, Tourists take photos? – can’t we do both.tourist-vs-traveler

I’m away next month again.  I have my tickets booked for some things already (tourist) and some days we’ll just wing it (traveler).  Knowing what I’m doing when I’m heading somewhere works for me, as I’m not wasting vacation days, taking a 10 hours flight then just figuring out what I’ll do when I get there.

Maybe one day people will stop judging others for how they travel.  Traveling 365 days a year works for some people, but even if I could afford it – it’s not something I’d do.  No matter how much I love being away, I also love my home, a good Netflix series, cooking, reading and relaxing before my next adventure.

And if staying in a hotel and visiting the must see sights makes me a tourist – so be it! 🙂 I’ll hold up my guide book with pride.

Are you a tourist or a traveler? 😉

Laura x

4 thoughts on “Are you a tourist or a traveler? – Who cares?!

  1. Indah Susanti

    imho..being traveler should not be defined by the action a person does during the travel. Personally I ignore those labeling – they don’t do justice and shallow. So what if we’d prefer good comfort in hotels, it does not mean that we did not interact with locals or eat like local do 🙂 Great reflection!

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