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When Pigs Fry

Bacon’s in my top three foods ever, along with burgers and cheese.  So when I came across a Bacon tour in Toronto it had to be done.  With Toronto Urban Adventures we went on our walking history/food tasting tour of the city, which included four bacon stops.

Stop one was for a peameal bacon sandwich – Torontos signature sandwich.  Our guide explained the history of pigs in Toronto and I had some funny images of drunk pigs in my head at one point.


After a street car ride we ended up at stop two, for another Toronto favourite – Poutine which was topped with pulled Pork.  Poutine is basically fries, with cheese curds and gravy.  Not too different from the traditional drunk food in Scotland of chips, cheese and gravy.


We then headed to The Healthy butcher for some more bacon.


Our guide left the “wurst” til last (his pun not mine) and took us for some currywurst.  I think this was actually my favourite meal of the day, but it was hard to choose.


Three hours of walking and bacon were an excellent way to spend our first day in Toronto.  We got to know our way around a little whilst eating some amazing food.  And as it was a walking tour i’m gonna pretend all that walking burnt off the food 😉

If you’re in Toronto check out Toronto Urban Adventures for this awesome tour.

Have you ever done a food tour?

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