Completing my Bucket List

Dine in the Dark

“Dining in total darkness, while guided and served by blind people, is a unique experience which will change your view of the world by reversing your perspective. A sensory journey helping us to re-evaluate our perception of taste and smell.”

Every so often I come across a bucket list experience I don’t enjoy, and unexpectedly this was one of them.  I’d heard many great things about dining in the dark, such as appreciating the smells and taste of your food more.  But the food would have to be good  to appreciate it and for our experience it wasn’t.  The service was VERY slow.  We were left in the dark for about an hour before our first course came.  It was dry chicken, lumpy mash and some green beans and it was pretty cold.  I understand that it can’t be too hot in case you burn yourself but this was beyond that level.

We went for the surprise desert, which turned out to be one of the worst cheesecakes I’ve ever had, it was so sickly.  I couldn’t wait to get out.

The experience was ok from the point of view of experiencing eating blind, but the food was so bad!  I’ll need to try this somewhere else in the future as the place we went in Toronto obviously relying on the novelty of dining in the dark and put no effort into good food.

Thumbs down for this experience.


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