Completing my Bucket List

Flying Trapeze

Or the not so flying trapeze if you are me.  We headed along to Trapeze School New York (In Boston) for our flying trapeze lesson.

I didn’t expect to be allowed up there so quick but we were hooked up, climbed up the ladder and flying within minutes.   The aim was to be able to get my legs up and over the bar whilst swinging, then take my arms off.  The first time my timing was a bit off so I just had a couple of swings before landing. 12047012_1652664431612265_138434015041671935_n

I got a couple of tips from the instructors before my next try and actually managed it! Hanging upside down on a flying trapeze just by my knees.12074556_1652664471612261_7736505522680951802_n

Unfortunately after this point a mix of pain and adrenaline kicked in, and come round three my arms and hands were in so much pain my brain wouldn’t function to lift my knees up again.  I tried a fourth time, and no luck again.

David (as always) did pretty well and lasted a lot longer than me.  Even though we couldn’t manage anymore we stayed til the end of the class and watched the others, and even saw some catching at the end.   They make it look so easy!12039671_1652664484945593_3104271098534732259_n

I’m glad I gave this a go and I’m super chuffed that I managed to hang upside down at least once.  I have even more respect now for flying trapeze acts I see as I know see how painful and hard it is to learn.

Thanks Trapeze School New York for helping me with this bucket list item.  I won’t be joining cirque du soleil any time soon though 🙂

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