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Boston Duck Tours

On our first full day in Boston we went out on the famous Boston Duck Tour.  The “duck” is a world war 2 vehicle which can be used on land or water!


The bus conDUCKtor takes you on a journey by road through Boston, seeing many of the cities attractions, including Boston Common, Quincy Market, Bunker Hill and many more.  You get to see some movie sites including the building from “The Departed”.  After you’ve seen some of the sites by road it’s time to head into the water (yes on the same vehicle)!!  You get a wonderful view of the Boston skyline and some other areas such as the Science Centre and the hospitals. 12065675_1652627688282606_8098028669275631953_n

This is the perfect way to see the sights of Boston.  There were so many things we didn’t have time to go or see by ourselves so this tour gave us a highlight of everything we have to come back for.

The tour is informative and both the road and water part of this trip is brilliant.

No wonder this tour is number 1 on tripadvisor for Boat Tours.  If you’re in Boston make sure you put this on your bucket list.

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