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The Krampus Run – Munich

Our trip to Munich wasn’t just full of Christmas markets, sausages and beer.  In fact the real reason we went there was for the Munich Krampus Run!

The Krampus Run to be more precise.  After seeing the jolly Christmas movie “Krampus” in 2014, I quickly took to google after to look into it more, and learned it was actually based off a very old tradition.  The Krampus accompany Saint Nicholas when he goes around rewarding the good children, but instead the Krampus put the fear into the naughty children.

The Krampus run in Munich is ran by a group called Sparifankerl Pass.  The costumes can cost thousands of pounds each, and are very heavy, so by the end of it I’m sure they’re all pretty tired.

We managed to get ourselves a pretty good spot in the market to view the run.  Have a look for yourself at what happened.

One thought on “The Krampus Run – Munich

  1. John and Kelly Palmer

    Laura, my mother used to tell me stories about The Krampus when I was a boy and I completely forgot about it until the movie came out and then after reading your article we had to add this it to our bucket list. We are already planning a trip. Hopefully my mother will be healthy enough to go with us.
    Thank you
    John and Kelly Palmer

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