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Experiencing Virtual Reality

Up until recently it seemed virtual reality was just something you’d see in the movies.  But now you can experience it in the comfort of your own home, and at an affordable price!

My experience of virtual reality was with the Merge VR Goggles, available for $59.99 from the Merge shop online.

With the Merge VR Goggles, just download some virtual reality apps on your iOS or Android smartphone and insert them into the front of the goggles.

Adjust the lenses, so they fit to your eyes and sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  Now if that isn’t your style, I came across a really fun game called VR Zombie Abomination.  With this you have to be able to turn 360 degrees, looking directly at the zombies to kill them before they get to you.  It can get quite intense.

The other experiences I’ve tried so far are sky diving, under the sea, a roller coaster, a haunted house and a dinosaur safari.

The foam is soft and lightweight, and fits perfectly with the adjustable strap.  To make the experience even more intense, plug in your headphones for the full experience.


At Merge, we’re creating the future of toys and the future of play every day. We work with toys because in every generation, toys create the future of kids. We specialize in virtual reality, the place where the physical and digital worlds merge together, because it’s the gateway to this future. And we strive to make it easy, fun and safe for everyone, starting with kids 10 and up, because we want it that way for our kids, too.

We don’t believe virtual reality will change the world in some distant future – the future’s upon us. We’re building products, experiences, and technology to take you there today.

The Merge VR set was the perfect first experience of virtual reality for me.  If you’ve had a bad day at work, sit down and escape to a beach, or do something more intense.  I’m pretty sure one day soon you’ll be able to experience anything you can think of.

To find out more head over to Merge VR or visit Visit Merge Start to discover new experiences for your headset daily.





**I was provided this headset in exchange for this review, but as always all opinions are my own**


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