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Adventure Algarve

Once a year, David and I book a nice relaxing holiday.  One week somewhere with nice weather, good food, and some pretty things to see.

Even though on these holidays we do enjoy doing very little, we always pick one experience to explore the area.  And this time, on our trip to the Algarve in Portugal, we went with Adventure Algarve.

With you get to discover the real Algarve. We offer you the chance to explore the Algarve in its most natural and beautiful form. Whether it is extreme activities or the relaxed discovery of amazing locations, you will find it all here. provides you with the chance to: explore the land with jeeps, quads, horses, mountain bikes, walking tours, photography safari’s. Explore the sea by scuba diving, snorkeling, boat trips, surf, parasailing….it is all here for you to discover.

So, get out of those over-crowded touristic locations and see what Portugal really has to offer. Experience Algarve’s true treasures!

The experience we chose was the 5 hour sunset jeep tour with dinner.

Getting picked up from our hotel at 5.30pm, we headed off on our adventure for the evening. On some of the off road routes we had the opportunity to stand up through the jeep roof, and take in the sites as we drove.

The route took us past old villages, orange groves and ancient cork trees.  We drove through rivers and saw waterfalls.

At a quick stop in a small village we had the opportunity to try homemade firewater, jams and honey.  I’m not sure the real reason for the name fire water, but I’m guessing its because of the fire feeling you get in your belly after drinking it – good stuff!!  Really string, and I’m glad I had the honey to take the sting away after 🙂

As we continued our drive to the top of one of the mountains, we learned a bit more about the history of the Algarve before stopping and waiting for the sunset.  We got out of the jeep at our spot, had a glass of port, some dried fruits and nuts whilst watching the sun go down.  What a perfect evening in a beautiful venue.

As the sun had gone down it started to get a bit chilly, so now was time to head in for our meal and get the roof up on the jeep.

We were served a traditional meal of vegetable soup, piri piri chicken, fresh seasonal fruit with sangria, orange juice and water.  A fantastic meal for a wonderful evening.

Then it was time to return back to our hotel.

This trip was exactly what we wanted to get out of our Adventure Algarve experience.  We were taken to many of the areas away from tourists to learn how the real locals live, and I’d highly recommend you consider this excursion on your visit to the Algarve.  Our driver was friendly, knowledgeable and we felt full confident in his off ride driving skills.

I’m glad we chose this as the one trip to do on our week long vacation.

Adventure Algarve also offer many other experiences

Adventure Algarve is a project put together by a small group of individuals with a goal of bringing their experience and local knowledge together under one name.

From our own adventures in other countries, we know the importance of that personal recommendation about an activity or event. It is that personal recommendation that we possess and wish to share with others.

All the activities on these pages are from friends who we know and trust to bring that authentic experience to you. They are locals, with small buisness of passion and little access to the main touristic masses.


So for all your Algarve needs, head over to 


Which experience would you pick?

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