Completing my Bucket List

A Year of Dates

Ever struggled to find something to come up with to do at the weekend with your other half/friends/yourself?

A Year of Dates has that problem sorted for you.  52 envelopes containing dates, plus 5 blank cards to add your own ideas. Presented in a luxury, branded black gift box (105 x 105 x 90mm). Also contains a dice to help with any difficult decisions!

There are two version of this product, regular means any card could be in any envelope – it’s a total surprise! Or the colour coded version is perfect for parents, people on a budget or who like to keep a bit of control (!) – the contents of the envelopes are colour coded so you can choose if you want to go out (and can get a babysitter maybe), stay in (if you’re counting down the days until pay day) or want to involve the kids and have a day out. There are also a few for when you are feeling adventurous!

Not knowing whats in each envelope keeps it exciting for deciding what you’re going to get up to next.  You can buy your box of dates from

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