Hey! I’m Laura. I started this blog in 2012 as an interesting means of chronicling and expressing my life, bucket list, hobbies and inspirations.

10 years ago I was looking for something that could turn my life around, and after seeing the film “Yes Man”, it gave me the push I needed to start saying yes to life again. ​

After doing some research I came across the idea of a bucket list. A list of things you want to do in life, from the small the extreme. I started working through my list; bungee jump, performing in a play, sky diving, growing my own vegetables, and in 2014 my blog was picked up by International press.​

This opened up so many opportunities and allowed me to travel and experience some amazing things the world has to offer.​

​Follow along with my adventures and goals, and get some ideas of things to do for your own bucket list.

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Need Some Inspiration In Your Life?

From items to do in different countries, to items you can do at home. I will be sharing my bucket list experiences with you so you can get some ideas of your own.  Sign up for the newsletter or follow me on social to keep up to date.