To Do

Image by John O'Nolan

Visit Norway


Win a Warhammer Painting Contest


Win a cosplay contest

Image by Tianshu Liu

Visit Japan

Image by Jackalope West

White Water Rafting

Image by Yu Kato

Visit South Korea

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Get laser eye surgery

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Win an award

Image by Rafael Rocha

Get my teeth fixed

Image by Huha Inc.

Get to my pre pandemic weight

Image by Venti Views

Be Physically healthy

Image by Jack B

Visit Warhammer World

Image by Lesly Juarez

Be mentally healthy

Image by Adam Winger

Get 150 items in my Etsy shop

Image by Jakob Owens

Be a movie extra

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Work on passive income

Image by DANNY G

Attend a ball

Image by Sincerely Media

Write a book

Image by Darling Arias

Make a dress

Image by Shane

6 figure salary

Image by James Fitzgerald



Wing Walking



New World

Take part in a world record

Image by Anthony Garcia

Hot Air Balloon

Image by Damiano Baschiera

Visit Italy