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How long did it take To write your bucket list? Or are you still working on it?

My bucket list has been work in progress since January 2013.  I am constantly adding to it whenever I hear of anything I want to do.

How did you afford all of the items on your list? 

Unfortunately I’m not a millionaire (yet) so I work a 40 hour a week day job with a new part time business on the side.  I don’t spend my money on material things as travel and experiences are a big focus for me.  Some of the expensive items I do have to save up for but these have been split up over the last three years.  Some of the larger items on my list I wont manage to complete for many years.

Another favourite for me is to search for deals on groupon! The alligator zipline and the water jetpacks were bought through there saving a lot of money!

Some of the larger items such as the sky dive, water jetpacks, zoo experience I crossed off on my honeymoon.  They say the average UK wedding costs £20,000!! Instead of that we married in a little while chapel in Las Vegas with three guests and had unforgettable life experiences instead.  It didn’t come anywhere near £20,000.

So for people who say they can’t afford to do things on their list.  Change your priorities.  Do you need that morning Starbucks everyday? A top of the range car? A new dress for every night out?

Anything is possible when you decide what is important to you.

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What has been your favourite travel destination so far?

I love Florida, my parents took me there many times when I was younger and it was the first holiday I had when dating my husband.  It’s also where we got engaged and the first holiday I had after starting the bucket list.  I’ve had amazing experiences there: parasailing, worlds highest sling shot, ziplining over alligators, my first tattoo, Man Vs Food restaurants and Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios.

What has been your favourite item so far?

Not one of the “big” items like many would expect, but performing in a play and being a zombie in a haunted house are two of the best experiences I’ve had so far.  I’m not the most confident person so taking part in these definitely brought me out of my shell.

Least favourite item?

Water jetpacks! I’m sure I would have loved these if I didn’t have a massive fear of the sea! My fear got the better of me on this one and I spent most of the time under the water :'(

What are you looking forward to the most?

Anything involving flight! I love being in a plane/helicopter!  So wingwalking, flying a plane and gliding are three I am REALLY looking forward to.

What are you least looking forward to? 

The shark swim!  As I’ve said I have the biggest fear of the sea, and sharks are a part of this!  I have items on my list I don’t want to do though as I think this is pointless (I don’t want to run a marathon or climb mount everest so they arent there) – But I am hoping by facing my fear of sharks I may be able to relax more in the sea.

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Lovely Sami Anne Post author

    This is a great set of FAQ. That picture you posted about “collecting moments, not things” grabbed my attention a few months ago and started me on really focusing on this bucket list of mine. A picture that really spoke to me was of a casket next to a bunch of jewelry and brand new things, as opposed to another next to a ton of pictures and memories. I wish I could find this again as it really spoke to me. It changed my life. I stopped focusing on what everyone else was doing and trying to compete (expensive weddings, brand new furniture sets, 2015 model cars – kudos to the ones that can do all that AND go on expensive trips), but I wanted to start making memories and doing things. Your memories live on through you but your stuff disappears, breaks, gets lost or stolen… just so much.

    Something that really helps me is doing my budget for the entire year but leaving room for the “just in case”. Whatever is extra for each paycheck is set aside for at least two new items every paycheck (basically a new adventure every weekend). If we had a little more, it would go toward bigger things and if not, I’d find something simple. It truly does have to be your priority in life.

    I love that you love Florida, I can’t wait to see you kick some shark booty, and yeah. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re one of my favorites out there. I haven’t found many of us that have a MAIN focus of bucketlisting. They are all fantastic but I like that I feel like we could be friends.

    You’re not too much older than I am so it is inspiring to see what exactly you can do in a few years. Keep it up, Laura. 🙂

    1. completingmybucketlistuk Post author

      I just added another picture after you mentioned that. I’d love to see the casket one if you come across it. Its so true though. I’m not going to be 80 wishing I’d had a nicer car, fancy handbag etc. I’m hoping I have no missed experiences though 🙂
      I love that our lists are so similar! seems like we have lots in common!

      1. Lovely Sami Anne Post author

        I just saw it. I love it. I think the picture I found had that quote on it actually. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find it again. That is so true. I won’t be thinking about all the “stuff” I have. I’ll be thinking about the things I’ve done and the people I did them with.

        We definitely do have a lot in common!

  2. Jason Hunter Post author

    Congratulations on starting your bucket list! Good to see you’ve been busy since college! Keep p the good work oh and you should add a major sporting event like a world cup or super bowl final. The experience would probably be bigger than the sport!

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