Flying a Plane

cessna plane in the sky

Before this experience I thought flying would be one of my favourite bucket list items and I was correct!

Thank you so much to Cabro Aviation for helping me cross off “fly a plane” from my list. My instructor J-P (who possibly has one of the best jobs in the world) explained some of the basics to me before we heading off for our flight.

We took an hour-long flight from Cabro Aviation’s base in Dyce, over Montrose and back for some beautiful views of Dunnotar Castle!

J-P was brave enough to let me take off and fly myself. Luckily I don’t have a fear of heights so no nerves for this one. I knew I’d love flying and I definitely enjoyed it more than jumping out of a plane!

I’d love to get my Private Pilot License in the future but I think that’s slightly out of the budget right now.

Thanks so much again to Cabro and J-P for helping me cross off my favourite bucket list item. This one will be hard to beat!

Cabro Aviation Ltd was formed in 2009. Since January 2011, we have operated as a CAA Registered Training Facility based at Aberdeen International Airport. We are the only PPL and NPPL(LAPL) fixed wing training facility in North East Scotland. We conduct training for Private Pilot Licences, Night qualifications, Instrument ratings (restricted), rating renewals , check flights, skills tests and aircraft hire. “

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