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14 thoughts on “In the press

    1. completingmybucketlistuk

      I contacted my local paper to see if they’d print something to see if anyone could help or wanted to join in.
      The next day it was all over the internet! haha!

      Since then others have contacted me to put things on their websites. Its been a crazy few weeks.
      I’m hopefully going to manage to do some good out of it (like the group blood donation)

      1. Lovely Sami Anne

        I might do that eventually once I get more done like yours. You started off big and accomplished a huge deed (losing weight). I think once I do some more of the big activities (skydiving, a little more traveling, getting rid of my unwanted weight), then I’ll do it too. I’d love to be featured in my hometown’s newspaper. <3

        I've noticed! You're being spread about over many countries even! There is so much traffic for you. It's not all about that obviously but the more people that know, the more people who would like to help you cross off items. I am waiting for that. I'm excited though.

        1. completingmybucketlistuk

          Have you contacted any of your local papers? I think a bucket list is a lovely story people like to read about.

          My local paper are going to do regular updates on my list so i’ve got a few things planned over the next few months 🙂

          Do you have anything “big” planned for this year?

          1. Lovely Sami Anne

            I really think I’m going to. I just created “business cards”. There have been too many times that someone would ask about my website and then forget or not know how to spell it. I thought it was handy. You can do the same through Vistaprint! It is so inexpensive. In fact, I got mine on sale and I’m excited to receive them now.

            I love that they are keeping up with you though. That is really cool! We did “swim with manatees” which was big and for the rest of the year, I think we are going to travel to Tennessee and to New York City/or a road trip through the east coast. It all depends on how much money we save up to do so. But those would probably be the BIGGEST. Hot air ballooning and skydiving MIGHT happen. Like I said, I have no idea about those just yet. I think other than traveling, the biggest would be a vow renewal my husband and I are having. We didn’t have a ceremony with our friends and family when we got married, so we’re finally having our ceremony in the form of a vow renewal, which we promised on our 5th anniversary.

          2. Lovely Sami Anne

            You guys had a pretty amazing wedding. i still can’t get over your beautiful dress and how you lost that weight. I’m working on it now. You left the notes on business cards?

          3. Lovely Sami Anne

            I got mine through vista print, too! But wow. That is genius! When I did that item, I left my notes on cards, long, vague letters on stationary. I never would have thought of doing the same on business cards. So cool.

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