Say Yes More

yes signage on brown wooden chalkboard

As I say yes to life, life says yes to me!

Maybe you’ve seen the movie Yes Man (based on the Danny Wallace book). In this story, a man sticks to the challenge to “say yes more” and amazing and crazy adventures follow.

Do you find yourself making excuses when asked to do something? Ignoring phone calls? Turning down opportunities?

A few years ago I was a No girl. I made excuses for everything and spent most evenings locked in my room. Until my old housemate at the time mentioned doing a bungee jump. After recently watching Yes Man I thought I’d give it a go and said yes.

I loved this experience and started saying yes to more opportunities I would have ignored in the past.

One example is when I saw an advert for zombies required for a Halloween event. I went along and instead of being offered a zombie part, I was offered a speaking actor part. Normally I’d have said no – but with my new “Say Yes” approach to life, I went for it, faced my nerves and had an amazing few nights performing in front of hundreds of people.

My challenge for you over the next seven days is to SAY YES MORE.

Now you don’t have to say yes to EVERYTHING. Don’t put yourself or others in danger. Don’t get yourself in debt. Just try saying yes to things that may have been a no before and see how rewarding it can be.

I’ll be joining you on this challenge and I want to hear how you got on. What you said yes to. Was it worth it? What did you enjoy and what wasn’t worth it?

Now start here and SAY YES to this challenge 🙂

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