Completing my Bucket List

The Bucket List


Bungee jump


manatee swim




give blood


crayon art bucket list

Food and Drink

Just for fun: 

back tattoo map of world


35 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Sabrina

    Wow I’m honestly impressed! You’ve had such creative ideas to do considering every possible aspect of life! Can you figure one or two things you don’t want to have missed before dying? – Sabrina

      1. Sabrina

        You’re welcome! I absolutely agree that visiting every continent is a must do – I’d die for being one day at the Sabrina Coast, which can be found in the Antarctic. But getting there is very difficult. Apart from that, Bungee jumping or skydiving would be absolute highlights..
        But I haven’t created a bucket list in that form yet 🙂

  2. Eric

    Hey Laura, you have my deepest respect for all the things you are doing. As a guy who travelled the world with USA and Australia and now is back studying in his hometown in Germany, I honestly think that this list is what ‘living your life’ means. There’s nothing more important than fulfilling your dreams – but I guess you do know that. You should consider Scuba diving as one of the biggest points. Did it in the Great Barrier Reef and I don’t have words for it right now. It’s another universe down there.
    Keep on living, Laura! Cheers from Germany!

  3. magdalena lira

    wooooow Soy de Chile, acaba de leer un reportaje de usted en internet ( Creo que ha hecho algo muy lindo y ha inspirado a muchas personas, estoy segura que logrará todo lo que se ha propuesto, yo también tengo una lista desde que tengo 13 años más o menos, pero son cosas que por la edad aún no puedo lograr. Pero por leer su reporte, decidí hacer una que pueda realizar este año y me gusto mucho la idea de agruparlo.
    Muchos cariños y siga juntando todas las ganas y lo que necesite para lograr sus metas y sueños, espero leer acerca de usted en un par de años más habiendo logrado todos sus deseos y así inspirar a más personas aún, de los que ya a inspirado.
    Un abrazo enorme.
    Magdalena Lira

  4. Dag

    I am impressed and inspired by you story & your list. You should move ” one night in an ice hotel” on top of your travel list.
    Good luck by fulfilling the 300.


  5. herheadache

    Great list you have here.
    I do notice that so many people list learning sign language and I totally understand the usefulness of this one, but I haven’t seen learn braille on any bucket lists.
    I should put an offer on my site to teach people braille. I think it would make a great post on many a traveler’s bucket list.
    You list Canada. I am Canadian and love it, but I have so many spots in this country I have yet to explore.
    Anyway…you should definitely come to Canada and visit Niagara Falls. It is my favourite spot here in my province of Ontario.
    I did several things you list, including the walk around the outside of the CN Tower. I write about it on my travel blog. I highly recommend it.
    Also, there’s a great dining in the dark restaurant in Toronto I am dying to try. I wonder, as a visually impaired person, what it would be like for me.
    Also, a Harry Potter Marathon is something I would love, but haven’t found anyone willing to do it with me.
    I love these lists and yours is no exception. So if you ever do want to learn braille, here’s an open invitation.

  6. VictoriaMetcalfe

    What a great list! Mine is much smaller, but I’m intending on reading your experience and borrowing some of yours, too. Its always the way – you find great experience looking at other lists!

    Sadly, I broke my coccyx and have degenerated some of my disks and have just been told my spine is now twisting so the adrenaline filled jumps are out for the time being. Maybe one day!

    Good luck crossing them all off – although anything like me and more will be added before things are crossed off!

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  9. Gloria Lewis

    You certainly have a great Bucket List and have completed some brilliant Things on your List! From Gloria

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  11. natikdk

    if you are spending nine years in a country I recommend that you consider coming to Colombia is a wonderful country, people are very friendly and loved the scenery, the food, everything is great. you will not regret coming !!! Greetings from Colombia, for here we certainly hope to live good experiences. (I don’t know if the translation is perfect, excuse me).

  12. NiTZI

    wow, es muy impresionantes, muy emocionantes, full adrenalina sus vivencias y las cosas que desea hacer, fue de mucha ayuda para hacer las cosas q aun están a mi alcance, muchas gracias.

  13. LeighLouise

    Love your bucket list made me re think mine and maybe add to it …. ill have to re do it all and add some new things. but how amazing all the things you’ve completed!!! x x x

      1. LeighLouise

        I have one but i think it needs a bit more organising and sorting a lot of the things are quite the same just in different places, need to add more different things but thank you for liking my posts 🙂 x x x

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  15. Cornish Bucket List

    Wow I love your list – I have my own which I am to finish in a couple of years but it is only 50 things and all based in Cornwall where I live – you should seriously have a visit Cornwall to complete your whole list! I’m now tempted to start a more comprehensive list. 🙂

    1. completingmybucketlist Post author

      Wow that looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing, it looks like you had a great time

  16. Jenny

    I don’t know how the hell I never found this before but OMG Laura, this is such an incredbile idea. What a wonderful and beautiful and exciting and clever way to make sure you really experience things

  17. Sally

    Oh my gosh, this is the coolest list ever! You are adventurous! If you need a haunted B&B, try St. Augustine- everywhere is haunted! Good luck with the rest of the list. It is truly inspiring!

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